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Tasmanian Skate Park Leagues Competitions

The SPL series are community based grassroots events focusing on positive participation with Skateboard, Scooter, Aggressive Inline Blading, Park Roller Skating and BMX competitions. The comps encourage positive skate park culture and celebrates community diversity and inclusion.

All  competitors will go in the draw to win one of our raffled-off prizes.  This encourages participation and ensures everyone has an even chance to  win a prize!

Helmets must be worn be all competitors. Please bring your own if you can.

Heat Times:

  • Scooter:    11am 

  • BMX/Roller: 12:30pm  

  • Skate:    1:30pm 

*Male & Female divisions for each category. Helmets must be worn!!

Event  Partners:  YMCA, Aus Cylcing, Skate Australia,  VSA, Vans, Element, Goliath Skate, Skater Maps, Scooter Hut, & Root Industries.

Please note: Events are  subject to weather conditions and whereby there is forecast rain, heat  or extreme conditions it may be postponed or cancelled if a future date  cannot be scheduled.  Check back on this page to stay up to date with event changes.  

Event Guidelines, Scoring Criteria and Policies:

Booking Details:


Single Day Event

Coming to George Town Skate Park and Kangaroo Bay Skate Parks in 2024

Booking Details:

Register once only, then check in on the day

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