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Safeguarding Children

The Y Hobart is independently reviewed by the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) to ensure our services are safe for all children and young people, demonstrating our commitment to the safety, supervision and protection of children and young people.  We are proud to have been awarded a rating of “Meeting” in our recent review by the ACF.  This outcome demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding children and young people.

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Our Safeguarding Children and Young People

The Y Hobart recognises that all children and young people have the right to develop and reach their potential in environments that are caring, nurturing and safe. We consider any form of child/young person abuse, inclusive of emotional, physical, sexual abuse or neglect, as intolerable under any circumstances.  Our organisation has a legal, moral and mission-driven responsibility to protect children and young people from harm and to ensure that any incidents of suspected child abuse are promptly and appropriately dealt with.

The Y Hobart Programs and Facility Hire

Thousands of children and young people take part in programs at the Y around Hobart facilities each year. Our primary goal is to keep children SAFE when they are in our facilities and/or participating in programs.

Organisations or groups which hire or use The Y Hobart facilities to provide programs and services to children and young people, are required to:

  • Ensure that all staff volunteers and contractors have a valid Working With Vulnerable People Check.
    Agree to comply with;

  • Our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy or have equivalent policies in place. 

  • Our Safeguarding Children and Young People Commitment Statement 

  • E Commitment 

  • Safe Behaviours; Code of Conduct 


The Y Hobart Staff, Contractors and Volunteers must:

  •  Maintain a valid National/International Criminal History Check and a Working with Vulnerable People Check 

  • Complete online Feel Safe, Be Safe training prior to being engaged, 'Stay Safe Tell Someone’ Training at their induction and ‘Safe Behaviours’ training after one year of engagement.  Training is refreshed annually and awareness training delivered continuously. 
    Agree to comply with: 

  • Our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy  

  • Our Safeguarding Children and Young People Commitment Statement 

  • E Commitment 

  • Code of Conduct which provide guidelines for staff behaviour when working with children and young people. 

Read more about these policies and procedures in the links below…

Code of Conduct: Safe Behaviours Guidelines 

Safe Behaviours Code of Conduct.pdf 


‘E Commitment’ 

E Commitment.pdf 


‘Commitment Statement’  

Safeguarding Children and Young People Commitment Statement.pdf 


‘Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy’  

Safeguarding and Young people Policy.pdf 

Board Commitment Statement to Safeguarding Children & Young People

Board Commitment Statement to Safeguarding Children & Young People.pdf

Report a Safeguarding Concern

If you or someone you care about is in danger right now, please call 000 and ask for the Police.

If you are not sure if it is an emergency but would like to speak with the Police, please call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

If you have any trouble reading this page, please ask a trusted friend or adult to help you, or visit one of our Centres so that a Y Person can help you.

At the Y, we believe in the power of inspired young people. To be inspired, young people must feel safe and be safe. To make this happen, we encourage all children and young people- and the adults who care about them – to let us know if they have any concerns about the safety and wellbeing of children and young people who participate in our programs and services.


The National YMCA Safeguarding Children Unit has developed a Feel Safe, Be Safe Framework which aspires to ensure that all Children and Young People are safe and feel safe at the Y, in their Families and in their Communities. The Feel Safe, Be Safe Framework along with many other resources including the YMCA Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy can be viewed under the Safeguarding Resources link below…


E Safety Commissioner

eSafety provides a wide range of online safety programs and resources. 

Staying connected online has never been more important, now that many of us are physically isolated from family members, friends, colleagues and support networks.

The internet is a great way to socialise, learn, work, play and be entertained. But there are also risks.

These eSafety Commissioner resources will help you stay safe online.

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