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School Holiday Programs

School Holiday Programs

6th -22st July 2024


School Holiday Skate Jam

The Indoor Skate Jam program provides dedicated 2-hour sessions for young board riders (all genders) at Hobart's private indoor skate park, all thanks to SheShreds.


Each session provides a chance for riders to learn new tricks or simply shred with friends, free from the usual skate park traffic. Sessions are supervised by a qualified coach who will be on hand to assist the group as needed. The cost for each 2-hour session is $22, which will also help to support Tassies much loved skateboard club, SheShreds.

School Holiday MTB Programs

From mastering the basics to riding more challenging trails with confidence and flow, the program focuses on developing solid foundations for young riders.  

Each session is a blend of riding games, challenges, and group trail rides. Not only do we hit some of Tassie’s best trails for some insane riding, but we also create an environment where kids celebrate small and big wins together and support their riding mates when it’s needed the most.

Come along and hit the trails with the MTB crew! 

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